Solar Tracking System

Nowadays, demand for energy is increasing and supply is limited. This leads to energy crisis and overloading on the existing energy sources. So this compels us for energy conservation.  And the best way  is to harvest the renewable sources of energy. For this purpose best would be to use ‘SOLAR ENERGY’. Solar energy is the most abundant energy which if efficiently used can bring a revolution in energy engineering. It provides incredible power to satisfy all our energy requirement.

We are basically Manufacturer and Supplier of Solar Tracking System in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra, India.

To use this energy, solar panels are used .But the problem with this conventional panel is that, it is stationary. As a result its efficiency is low. To increase its efficiency continuous manual positioning is required  which is practically not possible. And also maximum energy of sun is not utilized perfectly. We know that solar powered equipment works best when pointed to or near the sun, so our aim is to design solar tracker that can increase the effectiveness of such equipment over any fixed position by orienting a solar photovoltaic panel or lens toward the sun. So, the main motive behind the project is to protect the earth and most importantly save tons of money & resources. So we aim to design an automated system that maintains the position of solar panel in front of sun. This ensures maximum efficiency as energy of sun is being constantly tracked from every direction.




Front Panel(Control Side) :

The front panel consists of a wide LCD(20X4), which will display the different modes and the respective features provided with the system such as

  1. Set Clock
  2. Serial Transfer
  3. Manual Mode
  4. Auto Mode

The panel voltage, current, temperature the position of the sun are also displayed on the LCD.
To set the time, the counts in manual mode different keys are provided. A dedicated Reset key is also provided to take the panel to the initial position.

Using this function we can set the time and date which is useful to keep the records of the data. DD/MM/YY pattern is provided with the 24hrs watch.

Using this mode we can take data back up with the help of RS232 serial communication.

With the use of manual mode we can set the direction of rotation of the panel. All the four directions are provided RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN.

The auto mode is automatic tracking of the sun. To use this mode just we need to keep the panel initially facing towards the North direction at the time of the system installation. Once it is placed as per the requirements and the system is set to the auto mode then we need not to take any action the system is intelligent enough to track the sun.
Advanced Features :

  • RS232 connectivity
  • LCD display
  • In System memory storage
  • Two different modes to operate


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