Solar Based MPPT Charger

Power Integration takes pride in introducing ourselves as a legendary manufacturer and supplier of Solar Based MPPT Charger. Our product Solar Based MPPT Charger based technology and CMOS technology. We have implemented advanced techniques and methods of manufacturing Solar Based MPPT Charger to remain in accordance with the growing industrial challenges and clients’ specifications. We basically supply our products in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra, India.

Due to the supreme quality of our Solar Based MPPT Charger, we have successfully garnered the huge support of clients.

Latest MPPT technology boosts the current and voltage coming from the panels. This provides more solar savings for you as batteries will get charged effectively and quickly.

You can get solar energy equal to 12 solar panels from just 10 solar panels.



Power Integration manufactured Solar Based MPPT Charger is powered by latest configuration microprocessor and MPPT Technology.

The micro-processor based six stage charging ensures optimum charging of batteries which increases their operating life.

Key features: 

  • Solar Based MPPT Charger reduces complexity of system while output of system is high efficiency.
  • Solar Based MPPT Charger can be applied to other renewable energy sources such as small water turbines, wind-power turbines, etc.
  • Detection of short circuit and disconnects the connected load without stopping the charging of batteries.
  • It can regulate the charging current and voltage to make it suitable for the battery depending on its capacity.
  • Direction of current: The current always flow from panels to batteries, and never in the reverse direction.
  • Lightning protection
  • Battery Reverse protection
  • Panel reverse protection
  • Over Current protection
  • Battery over charger protection
  • Wide battery voltage range (12V to 96V)
  • In built Reverse Panel current protection during nights.
  • Battery discharge during nights – Zero.
  • Efficiency – > 96%
  • energy conversion efficiency – Up to 30%
  • Battery charging is faster, in shorter duration
  • Battery can be charged faster- Even in cloudy weather.


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