RS232 To GSM Communication

Basically this system is developed for a smart UPS. This system takes the data in RS232 format and changes it into the GSM format. The converted data is sent to the mobile using GSM MODEM.

Using this system we take different features of the UPS such as Input Voltage ; Output Voltage ; Load; Battery Voltage, in addition to all these things we also provide the alarming status that is Mains failure or Battery Drain out. All the data can be sent to 3 people at a time using Short Message Service. This system is advantageous because we provide RTC within this service due to which we can easily get the exact time along with the date. We are basically Manufacturer and Supplier of RS232 To GSM Communication in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra, India.

Advanced Features :

  • RTC (Real Time Clock) provision.


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