Power Inverters

Capacity Range: 350VA To 3KVA

Backup Time: 2hrs To 8hrs.

Battery Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC, 48VDC Depends On Model


  • Protection to Prevent Battery Deep Discharging
  • Protection For Battery Over Charging
  • Surge & Spike Protections
  • Over Load Protection On Inverter & Short Circuits Protection On Both

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Power Inverters in Pune, Goa, Maharshtra, India. Our products quality are goods.




  • Voltage On Inverter: 230VAC +/-5%
  • Instantaneous Switch Over & Sensitive Switch Back
  • Cold Start Facility
  • SCR Based Battery Charger For Safe And Longer Battery Life
  • Compact Design
  • Most Use Friendly
  • Easy To Install & Use


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