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Power integration is best Online & Offline UPS supplier and Online & Offline UPS Manufacturer Company in Goa, Maharashtra, Pune, India. We manufacture Offline UPS using high quality raw materials. We offer wide range of Offline UPS. We manufacture Offline UPS using high quality raw materials. Our Offline UPS are capable of increasing the efficiency of the ups and making the system more compact. Offline UPS we manufacture is highly advanced in technology and is available at cost effective range as a best quality product.

These power supplies usually consists of inverters operating from DC storage source..
In many applications, temporary power failure can cause a great inconvenience and economic losses.  The UPS system plays an important role in these situations.

Offline UPS System Operation: 

  • The Offline UPS systems normally operate off-line and the load is normally powered by the utility line.
  • When the utility power levels goes beyond acceptable limits, or fails, the load is transferred from the utility line to the UPS.
  • The actual transfer time is very fast, but the detection time somehow long and therefore the offline UPS is not as reliable as an online UPS.


Our Offline UPS power saver comprises three battery saving features and gives protection against, automatic overload protection and deep discharge protection with audio, visual alarms and indications, short circuit protection, built in constant current constant voltage charger for fast and safe charging of batteries, Generates low heat thereby the internal components and battery remain cool ensuring a long life for battery and systems.


Based on state-of-the-art technology, the Series E UPS systems protect your computers by providing only regulated AC mains voltage. The Series E UPS range has various models to provide back-up power stretching from 10 minutes to 4 hours depending on the connected external battery bank.

Key Features:

  • In Built AVR
  • Short circuit Protection
  • Cold Start provided
  • Low battery Cut off

Advantages, Disadvantages of Offline UPS System:

  • The major advantage of the off-line UPS systems is lower cost, smaller size and weight and higher efficiency.
  • It has higher efficiency because most of the time the UPS system is offline and the load is powered by the utility.
  • The disadvantage of the Offline UPS system is that switching to the inverter is required when the load is most vulnerable (i.e, upon failure of the normal power source)
  • These kind of systems provide no line conditioning or voltage regulation and provide only limited surge and spike protection. During the sustained low voltage periods (brownouts) the Offline UPS can inaccurately detect a blackout and prematurely switch onto battery.


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