Intelligent Flask Tester

As the name implies an intelligent flask tester is a device which tests the flasks on test bench. Flask, a thing which we use in our day to day life to maintain the temperature of the fluid contained in. So in general terms our product is a device which checks the capability of the flask to retain the temperature.

Our product is smart enough to automatically check each flask for the preset temperature level. At a time 6 flasks can be taken under test which increases the productivity, reducing the testing time (2-3 min. approx.) . We are basically Manufacturer and Supplier of Intelligent Flask Tester in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra, India.



Working :  The flasks under test are heated using a heater up to the desired temperature level. Using thermal sensors the internal as well as the external temperature gets examined. If there is a leakage in flask the internal temperature drops down and the flask fails the test. For indication of the PASS or FAIL ,LED signals are mounted on the panel. PASS signal gets reflected by GREEN LED and for FAIL signal RED LED gets blinked.

Advanced Features :

  • RS232 connectivity
  • Easy testing
  • LCD display
  • LED indication


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