Float Cum Boost Charger ( FCBC )

We have created a position in the market by offering advanced Float cum Boost Charger (FCBC). This charger is made up of superior quality material and upgraded technology.

Our customers can avail best Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC) from our range of products. We have used most modern technology to manufacture and Supply the chargers adhering to the industry standard. Our Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC) is appreciated for its service life, exceptional performance and shock proof.

Additionally our Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC) is known for its quality performance, efficiency, easy operations, robust construction and accurate output results.

The offered range is applicable in communication Industry, defense systems, security services, automotive industry and medical equipment, to name a few.



Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC) is a two-in-one functional combination of a float charger and a Boost charger.

Our Manufactured Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC) switches to the “Boost Mode” on resumption of power, Boost charges the discharged battery and returns to the “Float Mode”,after the battery is restored to full charge. Thus it supplies uninterrupted DC power to the load. We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC) in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra and India.

Key Features:

  • C Input Supply :160 TO 270 Volts , A.C- 50Hz,
  • Current Capacity : Total output current capacity can vary from 1 to 200 Amps at present
  • Voltage Regulation:provide better than 2% for variation from no load to full load and within permissible input mains supply voltage.
  • Provide Short Circuit protection:  Electronically/By MCB
  • Charging Mode- Manual/Auto Selection of Float to Boost
  • Recharge time – As per battery rating/Condition
  • Protections offered- Over Charge and low battery
  • Metering type – Volt Meter and Ampere meter
  • Ventilation offered- Air cooled
  • Mounting on – Surface

Note: Specifications are subject to change as per the requirement or the Changes in Technology


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