Energy Saver

The energy saver is designed specifically for industrial lighting load i.e., halogen lamp, mercury vapour lamp, bunch of tube light etc. The energy saver can save energy when connected in between M.S.E.B and any lighting load.The concept of energy saving is based on the principle of controlling the voltage applied to the given load an reduce the drop across the choke connected in series with the lamp. All lamp as named above have a choke in series. Our products has been supply only in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra, India.



When the lamp is switched on the choke stores energy in it and a high voltage is developed which ignites the lamp, once the lamp is ignited the choke is used only to maintain a steady current to the lamp. The lamp once ignited does not require such a high voltage to keep it glowing thus the voltage drop across the choke results in waste of energy. By reducing the applied voltage the drop across the choke can be reduced and energy can be saved.

The Secure energy saver is digital micro controller based and works on the basic principle of a servo controlled voltage stabilizer where in stabilized voltage at the output of the saver can be programmed with respect to real time clock.

The energy saver is provided with 25 set points where the output voltage can be set with respect to real time. The number of set points required is also programmable. The saver is also provided with six relay potential free contact which can be switched on and off with respect to real time. Each relay can be programmed for three on and off timing ,the number of on /off timing required per relay is also programmable.

The relay outputs can be used to switch on/off any load such as water pump etc. at a particular time hence enhancing the saving mode.

Note: Relay is an optional feature.


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