We offer wide range of DC Power Supply.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

We offer wide range of Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC).

Float Cum Boost Charger ( FCBC )

We offer wide range of Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer.

Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer

We offer wide range of AIsolation Transformer.

Isolation Transformer

We offer wide range of Plating Plant Rectifier.

Plating Plant Rectifier
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Today, almost organizations are dependent on electricity and high technology, to continue their business processes and bring out the best output.

Power Integration is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, offering vast range of Insulation Transformers, Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer, Air Cooled Servo Stabilizer, Servo Control Voltage Stabilizers & Planting Plant Rectifier Equipments. With over 21 years of its enterprise and service to the country. Power Integration enjoys an extraordinary status, as a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter, with over thousands of installations in Pune, Goa, Maharashtra and India.

As electricity plays an important role in all business processes, it is vital to be updated with all the latest electronic equipment such as UPS systems (Online UPS, Offline UPS) and Power Supply (Regulated Power Supply, DC Power Supply, High Frequency Power Supply). Keeping in mind that electricity failure can hamper the entire production process, Power Integration presents you a variety of Energy Saver, Battery Charger, Float Cum Boost Charger (FCBC ), Solar Based MPPT Charger, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency), Solid State Stabilizer, Power Inverter, Bridge Rectifier, UPS Mix Load, etc.

Our company’s principle action is to cater the requirements of the power sector with a vast range of products, under the brand name Power Integration.


Following are some of the characteristics of our products that make them more popular in domestic as well as international market :

Instructions, That Are Easy To Read

No Attendant Required

Easy & Safe To Use, Anybody Can Operate Our Products

Total Control Over Situation

Compact Size And Modern Outlook

No Smoke And Noise Pollution

Automatic Features

Completely Safe As No Hazardous Fuels Are Used

Durable And Long Lasting

Can Be Maintained At A Very Low Cost.